The C32  the last model to be sold outside Japan was fitted with three petrol engines. The CA20S (which was the only four-cylinder to be seen in the C32), The L24E and the VG30E 6cylinder petrol and it also came with the LD28 diesel. In 1987 there were a minor facelift which basically were bigger bumpers, new grilles, and new lights in the front and back.

In October 1984 the C32-facelift was released. Osamu Ito, Development Supervisor of the R31/32 Skyline, was assigned to redesgin the Laurel. He saw the car needed significant changes. The Laurel’s new features included a 4-door sedan body, variations in the hardtop, an angular design, and the world’s first electric retractable door mirrors.

In May 1985, the Grand Touring Limited edition was released.

In May 1987 Car “GRANDE TOURING HAWAII LIMITED” release. August of same year GRANDE TOURING LIMITED added to lineup.

In February 1988 there was a improved and some 20 releases Super medalist anniversary special edition. May, released HAWAII TOURING car. In September, added the Super Series Selection. December Discontinued captive model.

In January 1989 there was a vehicle’s model A/T shift lock employed in the car.

The 5th generation was discontinued in July 1993
Also known as

Production      1984-1989

Body style(s)
4-door hardtop
4-door sedan

Layout front engine/rear drive

2000 (CA20S)
2400 (L24E 6cylinder)
3000 (VG30E V6)
2800  (LD28 diesel)
5 speed manual
4 speed automatic (electronic over drive)

2,670 mm (105.1 in)
Length 4,650 mm (183.1 in)
Width  1,690 mm (66.5 in)
Height 1,425 mm (56.1 in)
Curb weight    1,380 kg (3,042.4 lb)

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